Grain trader Nibulon increases crop yeald by 9%

Nibulon (Mykolaiv), one of the largest grain traders in Ukraine, in 2019 increased its crop yield by 9% compared to the previous year, to 367,000 tonnes, of which 138,000 tonnes was wheat. A total of 22 divisions of the company in 12 regions harvested 160,000 tonnes of early crops and 207,000 tonnes of late crops. The highest yield of sunflower was recorded at the branch of Prybuzhanivska (Mykolaiv region) with 3.52 tonnes/ha, corn at Khmilnyk (Vinnytsia region) with 10.64 tonnes/ha, sorghum at Bilovodska (Luhansk region) with 6.43 tonnes/ha.
Nibulon LLC was established in 1991. It is one of the largest operators in the grain market of Ukraine. Nibulon cultivates 82,000 hectares of land in 12 regions of Ukraine. It exports agricultural products to more than 70 countries. The annual export volume exceeds 5 million tonnes.
Source: Interfax-Ukraine


Ukrainian producer of crop protection agents boosts production by 25% in 2019

Ukravit, a large Ukraine producer of crop protection agents and micronutrient fertilizers boosted production in 2019 by 25%, to 11,000 tonnes. Its share of the Ukrainian crop protection agents and micronutrient fertilizers market in 2019 was around 10%. This year, Ukravit launched the seventh production facility in Cherkasy with an area of 1,300 square meters, which allowed to increase production by 1,100 tonnes compared to 2018, to 11,000 tonnes. Investment in the project exceeded USD 3 million.
Source: Interfax-Ukraine


Ukraine delivers 248 tonnes of snails in EU in January-September

Ukraine delivered 248 tonnes of snails of its own production onto the European market in January-September 2019, while shipments of snails to the EU in the 12 months of 2018 totaled a mere 93 tonnes. The number of domestic enterprises eligible to supply snail products onto the EU market has increased to 17 enterprises over two years.
Source: CMU


PAEK Group seeks to buy silo in Ukraine

Pivdenna Agrarian-Export Company (PAEK, Mykolaiv) plans to acquire Buhsky Elevator LLC (Poltava) from one of the largest Ukrainian agricultural holdings Kernel. The Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine could permit PAEK to acquire a stake in the charter capital of Buhsky Elevator, which will grant over 50% of the votes in the management body of the company.
Source: Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine


Sugar production in Ukraine amountes to 1.375 million tonnes

Sugar production in Ukraine as of December 17, 2019 amounted to 1.375 million tonnes.
According to the National Association of Sugar Producers, in the 2019/2020 season some 31 sugar plants were operating. They have processed 9.11 million tonnes of sugar beets.
Source: Ukrtsukor, National Association of Sugar Producers


Foreigners not to be able to buy farmland in Ukraine until decision made at national referendum

The parliamentary committee for agricultural and land policy is finalizing the provisions that foreigners would not be able to buy land until the decision to allow this is made at a national referendum, Deputy Head of the Servant of the People parliamentary faction, MP Yevheniya Kravchuk has said.. “Today, the meeting of our faction was held with one issue on the agenda – the introduction of the land market. Discussions continue. But not about whether it is needed or not, but about the parameters of the functioning of the market. And that means that we have come very close to the optimal solution that will suit Ukraine most of all. Namely, the committee for agricultural and land policy is finalizing the provisions that foreigners will not be able to buy land until a decision on this is made at a national referendum,” Kravchuk said. “As for the concentration of land in the hands of one operator, the threshold will be significantly reduced. Discussion is about 10,000-20,000 hectares, which is 90% less than what was proposed for first reading,” Kravchuk said. According to Kravchuk, it is necessary to legislatively limit the possibility of speculation with the resale of land.
Source: Interfax Ukraine


Cattle livestock in Ukraine down, poultry up

Cattle livestock in Ukraine as of December 1, 2019 amounted to 3.38 million animals, which is 5.7% down on the same date in 2018. The number of cows by this date also decreased 5.1%, to 1.86 million head.
The number of pigs as of December 1, 2019, fell by 4.4%, to 6.02 million animals, the number of sheep and goats declined by 3.6%, to 1.35 million animals compared to the same period of 2018.
The number of poultry increased 4.3%, to 232.18 million birds compared with December 1, 2018.
Source: State Statistics Service


U.S. Department of Agriculture raises forecast for export of Ukrainian sunflower oil

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) in December raised its forecast for the export of sunflower oil from Ukraine in the 2019/2020 marketing year (MY, September-August) by 200,000 tonnes compared to the November forecast, to 6.2 million tonnes, sunflower meal by 100,000 tonnes, to 4.85 million tonnes. The forecast for sunflower exports from Ukraine this month is increased by 50,000 tonnes, to 150,000 tonnes.
As reported, in 2018 Ukraine harvested 13.7 million tonnes of sunflower, 4.4 million tonnes of soybeans, and 2.6 million tonnes of rapeseeds.
Source: USDA


Foreign investments in Ukrainian agriculture increased

For January-November of 2019, foreign investments in the agricultural industry of Ukraine increased by 16.4% compared with the same period last year — from USD 461 million to USD 537 million. The growth rates of foreign investment in the industry are three times higher than the growth rates in the whole Ukrainian economy, said Deputy Minister of Economic Development, Taras Vysotskyi T.Vysotskyi.
Source: Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture


Chinese company to invest USD 200 million in construction of corn processing plant

The Chinese company plans to invest nearly 200 million USD in the project of construction of a new high-tech plant for deep processing of corn in the industrial park Chortkiv-West (Chortkiv, Ternopil oblast). The plant will produce fructose, lysine and glutamic acid. In the future it is planned to build two more plants.
Source: Chortkiv municipal administration