In 2020, sunflower seed production was the most profitable in Ukraine

In 2020, the profitability of sunflower seed cultivation in enterprises of Ukraine totaled 39.4% and turned to be the highest among all types of agricultural products. Generally, the profitability of operative business of Ukrainian agricultural enterprises totaled 18.4% in 2020 compared to 18.7% in 2019.
Source: Institute of Agrarian Economics


7,100 farmland sale transactions concluded in Ukraine after market lauch

Since the launch of the land market on July 1 and as of the morning of August 16 in Ukraine, a total of 7,100 transactions of agricultural land purchase for agricultural plots with a total area of 14,830 hectares were held. Poltava and Kharkiv regions are leaders in the number of concluded agreements. The agricultural land market launched in Ukraine as part of the government’s land reform began operating on July 1. At the first stage of the reform, only citizens of the country will be able to buy and sell land plots. One individual will be able to dispose of no more than 100 ha. The right to purchase agricultural land on January 1, 2024 will be given to legal entities established in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine, while the final beneficiary of one or more legal entities will be able to consolidate through them a total of not more than 10,000 ha.
Source: Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food


Ukraine approves bill on state contral of products with GMO

The Cabinet of Ministers has supported the submission to the Verkhovna Rada of a draft law on state regulation of genetic engineering activities and control over the circulation of products containing genetically modified organisms (GMO), this initiative is conducting a comprehensive review of the existing legislation in the field of handling GMO products, and also allows implementing EU regulations in force in the Ukrainian legislation.
Source: Interfax


Ukraine exported more than 300 thsd tonnes of organic products in 2020

Ukraine exported 332 thsd tonnes of organic products at the sum of 204 mln USD in 2020. Ukraine exported 80 types of organic products in 2020. Corn, soybean and wheat were the most exported among them. TOP-5 largest importers of Ukrainian organic products in 2020 were the Netherlands, the US, Germany, Lithuania, and Austria.


Cost of Ukrainian land after launch of market

Experts estimate the average cost of 1 hectare of agricultural land after the opening of the land market on July 1 at USD 2,200, by the end of the year its cost will reach USD 2,500/ha. Since there are many more people who want to buy or invest in agricultural land today than offers, this will gradually push the price up. In the north and center of Ukraine land prices are high and growing, in the south, in the zone of risky agriculture, in the zone of difficult access to moisture, where there is the need for serious investments in land reclamation, they are lower. The greatest demand for agricultural land will remain in the central, northern and western parts of Ukraine.
Source: Land Club Association of Land Investors


Number of pigs in Ukrainian agro-industrial sector increases to 3.68 mln

The number pig farms in Ukraine as of January 1, 2021 decreased by 7.4% compared to January 1, 2020, to 1,440, while the number of pigs in the industrial sector increased by 9.6%, to 3.68 million. The Association of Ukrainian Pig Breeders noted the increase in livestock capacity by farms with a livestock of more than 10,000 pigs. In this segment, the livestock for the year increased by more than 300,000, to 2.34 million animals. Operators with a livestock of 5,000-10,000 animals also showed positive dynamics, the number of animals they had in 2020 increased by 12.8%.
Source: Association of Ukrainian Pig Breeders


Ukraine opened 12 new markets for food products in 2020

Ukraine opened 12 new markets for its food products in 2020. Ukraine was working on opening of 100 new markets on 6 continents. This refers to both traditional trade partners of Ukraine (EU, China, USA, India) and less tapped markets like Mexico, Australia, Brazil, Angola, etc. Besides, Ukraine was working on signing of international agreements on sanitary and phytosanitary measures with Brazil, Algeria, Indonesia, Vietnam, Iran, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Serbia, Lebanon, Greece, Germany, Sweden and Georgia.
Source: State Service of Ukraine on Food Safety and Consumer Protection


Trade turnover of agricultural goods between Ukraine and the EU exceeded 10 bln USD in 2020

In 2020, the trade turnover of agricultural goods between Ukraine and the European Union totaled 10.2 bln USD. The result of 2020 was lower compared to the record achieved in 2019 (10.6 bln USD). However, it is the second largest volume since the implementation of Association agreement between Ukraine and the EU. The positive balance totaled 3.1 bln USD. The Netherlands, Spain, Poland, Italy, Germany and France remained the largest trading partners for Ukraine.
Source: Institute of Agrarian Economics


Ukraine increased import of agricultural products form the EU in 2020

Ukraine imported agricultural products at the sum of 6.9 bln USD in 2020, up 13% from 2019. The share of the EU reached 51.6% of the overall import of agricultural products to Ukraine. Poland (828 mln USD), Germany (504 mln USD), Italy (498 mln USD) were the main supplies of goods to Ukraine in 2020.
Source: State Customs Service


In 2020 Ukraine renewed record of agricultural export for the third year in row

In 2020, the share of agro-industrial products in the general structure of exports from Ukraine reached 45%. Ukraine exported agricultural products at the sum of 22.391 bln USD in 2020. It exceeded the record of 2019 (22.35 bln USD). Thus, Ukraine has renewed the historical record of agricultural export for the third year in row and set several other records in 2020. Record volumes of export were observed for sunflower oil (6.9 mln tonnes) and poultry meat (431 thsd tonnes). Moreover, Ukraine supplied abroad record volumes of honey (81 thsd tonnes), frozen fruits and berries (55 thsd tonnes), pasta (30 thsd tonnes) and canned tomatoes (66 thsd tonnes). The growth of agricultural export was based on higher supplies to Asia that reached record 10.9 bln USD in 2020, up 16% from 2019. At the same time, Ukraine cut export to the EU by 11% to 6.7 bln USD, Africa – by 12% to 2.9 bln USD and CIS by 13.3% to 1.3 bln USD.
Source: Institute of Agrarian Economics